Choosing the best technology



Finding the best hardware and software solutions can be a daunting task even for someone with experience in additive manufacturing and is not without risk. The industry is evolving at an exceptional pace; there are different hardware and software manufacturers popping up and disappearing almost on daily bases, often leaving customers without support, spare parts, or with other unresolved issues.

Some manufacturers are overenthusiastic in promoting what their products are capable of, which may lead your company to purchase machines that will not deliver products with desired specifications. As we’ve heard from our customers, a bad experience like this is often the cause for a company to give up on additive manufacturing altogether and miss on great opportunities it offers.

Another major pitfall is letting your employees choose the equipment themselves without help of outside consultation. Employees may base their decisions on limited knowledge of hobbyist 3D printing, depriving your company of the full potential of additive manufacturing.

Our group of experts analyzes your business case and listens to your employees needs carefully to find the best solution, unlocking all possibilities and keeping additive manufacturing processes in your company scalable.

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