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What We Offer

material solutions

We help test, certify, develop and provide documentation for additive manufacturing materials.


Consult our advisors how to best integrate additive manufacturing and related industry 4.0 technologies into your business process.

Feasibility studies

We create feasibility studies for easier decision making on projects that require detailed evaluation.

additive manufacturing optimization

For companies that already utilize additive manufacturing, but are looking for a way to scale up production or reduce overhead.

Industry 4.0 implementation

Independent experts help you carry out additive manufacturing implementation along with other Industry 4.0 technologies.

anything you need

If you can’t find an Industry 4.0 service you are looking for on this website, let us know. We can likely help you find a solution.

A team of experts

We’re here to offer the full solution

A team comprised of independent consultants from established universities and specialized companies will ensure you receive a full service curtailed to your business needs.

Whether you’re just testing the waters of additive manufacturing or looking to fully commit to Industry 4.0 solutions, we’re here to see you through the entire process from assessment, planning, integration and staff training.

Our Specialties

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Business Consulting

Additive manufacturing consulting

Industry 4.0 integration

Feasibility studies

Materials services

REACH compliancy services


Smart factory implementation

IT security services

Staff training

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